White House Veterans Complaint Line

White House Veterans Complaint Line
During the 2016 Presidential election campaign, then Presidential candidate Donald Trump pledged to create a White House complaint line for veterans. The phone line is now available and the number is 855-948-2311. It is intended to “collect, process and respond to the complaints of individual veterans in a responsive, timely and accountable manner,” according to Department of Veterans Affairs officials.

VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin has described the initial rollout of the line as a soft launch, with “live-answer agents” receiving and processing some of the calls. He promised that by August 15, the hotline will have continuous coverage from a live operator 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Calls to the hotline will be kept confidential, but information will be shared with VA officials. In some cases veterans will be asked to give personal information for responses to specific problems.

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