FRA Salutes Outstanding Sailors

FRA Salutes Outstanding Sailors
FRA congratulates the Navy’s 2016 Sailors of the Year (SOY), who were meritoriously promoted to chief petty officers during ceremonies in the D.C. this week. There activities included an FRA-sponsored tour of the Library of Congress along with a Capitol Hill luncheon for the SOYs and their families. An advancement ceremony was held at the U.S. Navy Memorial.

The finalists included:

•    Navy Reserve
AWRC (NAC/AW/SW) Mark W. Brown, USNR
Mobile Tactical Operations Center, Detachment, Detroit, Mich.

•    Fleet Forces Command, Atlantic
CTTC (NAC/IDW/AW) Courtney P. Evers, USN
NIOD Kaneohe Bay

•    Fleet Forces Command, Pacific 
ICC (SW) Brent T. Schermerhorn, USN

•    Navy Shore
LSC (SW/EXW) Amber L. Wilson
Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes 

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