House Approves NDAA

House Approves NDAA
As NewsBytes goes to press, the full House of Representatives is amending, debating and will later today approve its version of the FY2018 Defense Authorization bill (H.R.2810). The House is considering 210 floor amendments. Most floor amendments so far, have been defeated by floor votes including one that would have struck a provision prohibiting the Pentagon from implementing a new round of Base Relocation and Closures (BRAC).

The Senate Armed Services Committee recently approved its version of the FY2018 Defense Authorization (S.1519) and the bill is expected to be considered by the full Senate in the near future. Once the Senate completes work on its bill a conference committee will be appointed to resolve the differences between the two bills and then voted on by both chambers of Congress.  If approved by the House and Senate, the bill will then be sent to President Donald Trump to be signed into law or vetoed.

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