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Military personnel make a variety of sacrifices to defend our freedoms and, in exchange, they are eligible for a variety of health care, education, burial and other benefits. FRA works to ensure the VA has adequate funding to provide these promised benefits earned through military service.

The growing number of military veterans, particularly warriors returning with life-altering wounds and emotional scars, is stretching VA systems and services to the limit. We have an obligation to assist these heroes in any way possible as they transition to civilian life.

Where We Stand
  • Efforts to eliminate the backlog of unresolved claims for VA disability benefits.
  • Reform of the VA policy that prevents Vietnam veterans who served off-shore from receiving benefits related to Agent Orange exposure.
  • Full and timely distribution of education benefits provided through the Post-9/11 GI Bill and other veterans’ education programs.
Issue News

HVAC Reviews Improvements to VA Choice Program

Oct 27, 2017 -

The House Veterans Affairs Committee (HVAC) began the process of reviewing, debating and approving a draft proposal to make it easier for veterans who seek medical care outside the VA health system (Veterans Health Administration-VHA).

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