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FRA Launches 2014 Survey, Schedules Mid-Year for April 10-11

January 30, 2014 - FRA

Mid-Year Scheduled for April 10–11, 2014

Mid-Year, when the National Board of Directors come to town to “storm the Hill”, will occur on April 10 and 11 this year.

The Pinnacle Award will be presented on Thursday, April 10, and the meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 11.

FRA Launches 2014 Survey on Military, Veterans Benefits

As part of its mission to bring the enlisted voice to Capitol Hill, the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) is conducting an online survey to determine which military and veterans benefits are most important to active duty and Reserve personnel, retirees, veterans and their families. The brief survey, available at, asks current and former members of the uniformed services and their spouses to rate a variety of benefits and quality-of-life programs associated with their service to our nation.

“As Congress explores ways to cut federal spending, many hard-earned benefits are in the budgetary crosshairs,” explains Tom Snee, FRA’s national executive director. “FRA is asking all current and former military personnel and their spouses to share their opinions about the programs they value most. Survey responses and comments from participants provide important reference information when we testify before Congress or meet one-on-one with lawmakers and their staff.”

FRA shares the survey results with elected officials on Capitol Hill and leaders within the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs—ensuring these key decision-makers understand the military perspective.

“Participating in this survey really helps FRA help you,” added Snee.

Please go to to let us know what is most important to you!

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