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FRA has been the voice of enlisted service members since 1924, ensuring the concerns of active duty, reserve, retired and veteran personnel are heard on Capitol Hill. Association leadership and our Legislative Team discuss the needs, concerns and interests of all current and former enlisted members of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, their families and survivors.

We help members of Congress understand the unique challenges of military service and work to preserve and enhance pay, benefits and quality-of-life programs for those who are serving or have served in the past. Through congressional testimony, interaction with lawmakers and key staff, and the grassroots advocacy efforts of our members, FRA works to ensure promises made to military personnel are honored and commitments are not forgotten.

FRA works to advance a broad legislative agenda and frequently testifies before Congress.

Where We Stand
  • Protect military pay and benefits for the men and women who are currently serving in our armed forces.
  • Prevent the erosion of benefits earned through 20+ years of career military service.
  • Ensure adequate funding to provide quality healthcare, education and other veterans’ benefits for those who answered our nation’s call.
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